Welcome to the home of The Real 1000 Diet!

Welcome to the home of The Real 1000 Diet!

What Is The Real 1000 Diet?

The Real 1000 Diet or R1000D is a healthy and powerful diet & lifestyle strategy. It will enable the average person to lose 20lb of mostly fat within 40 days. It's completely free, there's no starving or excessive exercise and it will change your life.

Who is R1000D For?

R1000D is freely available to anyone with a desire to learn and the determination to do whatever it takes to improve their health and transform their body. I hope to reach as many people as possible with the message that it really is possible to take control of your own health and happiness.

So How Does It Work?

You will use a tactic called time restricted eating, which encourages your body to burn both dangerous internal (visceral) fat and the ugly external fat underneath your skin. You will dramatically increase the quality of the foods that you DO eat. Real foods give your body the nutrition that it needs and this eliminates hunger. R1000D also eliminates most processed foods from your diet. This removes dangerous substances from your body, allowing it to cleanse and repair itself. The reasoning behind R1000D is fully explained in my '3 Pillars of Health Knowledge' blog post series, which can be found here. In these posts I explain exactly why R1000D will work for you.

What Is Involved?

Every day on R1000D is either a 'real food day' or a 'social day'. On real food days you stick to a maximum of 1000 calories of healthy real food. This is eaten during an 8 hour feeding window, such as 12pm - 8pm. On 'social days' treat foods such as pizza, icecream, cheesecake or alcohol can be enjoyed sensibly and you are free to eat what you choose. In this way you can enjoy yourself and stick to your social traditions without being a slave to your diet. You should try to observe as many 'real food days' as you can in any particular week. At least 4 is the suggested number with 7 being the way to make maximum progress in terms of health and weight loss.

What Foods Do I Eat On Real Food Days?

On real food days you only have 1000 calories per day so you use them wisely to avoid being hungry. They should come from single ingredient real foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. You plan your own 1000 calorie menu for each day but I have included some great 1000 calorie menus here.

What exercise do I have to do?

Exercise is very beneficial for you, but most people misunderstand it. Around 2 hours per week is plenty as long as it is done correctly and at the right times. The third pillar of health blog post can be found here and it will explain why exercise isn't just for burning calories. R1000D encourages you to do only a minimum amount of exercise but to take maximum benefit and enjoyment from it.

Get Started Now

With all of the benefits above at zero cost, why wouldn't you get started right now? Nothing in life is more valuable than your health and happiness. 40 days from now you could be 20lb lighter and dramatically healthier! I'll show you how.

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