Cure your fear of Dogs with self guided audio therapy

Cure your fear of Dogs with self guided audio therapy

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  • Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia
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  • price: $22.00 (Paypal payment)

Cure your fear of Dogs with self guided audio therapy

Imagine the feeling of being able to Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia. Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and imagine your future self confidently doing Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia with your loved ones. Your feeling great and you are free of your negative feelings having decided to move on positively and enjoy your new brighter future. You feel relieved and wonder why you didn’t make this change sooner. Feels good doesn’t it!

Why Not Make This YOUR reality…

The fact is that you hold your own thoughts, ideas and beliefs within your own mind. These thoughts and beliefs direct your feelings and behaviour at all times. It can be difficult to change automatic responses and feelings without first getting some help. Our self guided hypnotherapy recording will help you to relax and put you in an ideal state of mind to change your own, deep seated beliefs and to dramatically improve your Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia.

How Does It Work?...

Your hypnotist will gradually take you into a relaxing hypnotic state where we will suggest positive changes and new beliefs directly to your subconcious mind. Over time, this will train your subconcious and gradually lead you into more positive automatic patterns of thinking. Through repetition you will gradually free yourself from your Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia.

What Are The Recordings Like?...

After purchase your recording will be made available for easy download within your online account. The recording will be in MP3 format and will play on many devices such as desktop computers, tablets, phones and MP3 players. The recordings are around 20-25 minutes long. They feature the voice of your chosen hypnotist set to relaxing music. They are very easy to use. We even provide a FREE 5 page listening guide to help you get the most out of your recording. We maintain a comprehensive list of freqently asked questions for your information and we provide ongoing customer support for you via email should you need it.

Can I Try A Recording Before I Buy?...

Absolutely. In fact, when you register for a FREE account with us, we automatically give you access to a FREE Relaxation Hypnotherapy Recording worth Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia to help you unwind if you are feeling stressed. So, if you decide to purchase this recording today, you will in fact receive 2 helpful recordings rather than one!

Why Do I Need To Do This?...

The fact that you are here reading this information, means that you have an issue with your Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia that has built up over time. Sadly, it is going to be a lot harder for you to make progress unless you get some help. Our hypnotists have years of experience in helping people such as yourself to manage their emotions, habits and fears. In our experience hypnosis helps the majority of people and is very likely to help you with your Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia. Your change starts right here.

Still Wondering Wether To Go Ahead?...

To be absolutely clear, let me remind you what we’re offering you. We’re actually offering you not one but 2 hypnotherapy recordings today for the fixed price of Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia.

By purchasing today you will receive:

  • Your Fear of Dogs Phobia – Cynophobia Recording
  • Your FREE Relaxation Hypnotherapy Recording
  • Your FREE 5 Page Listening Guide
  • Your comprehensive list of Support FAQs
  • Email Support

So Why Not Give Our Recordings a Try?…

OK, we’ve done our abolute best today to show you all the great benefits that you would get from listening to our recordings. We’ve put together a comprehensive package of products that will help you to control your emotions, habits and fears, with all tools and information that you’re going to need. All that remains is for you to make that decision to move ahead with this.

Trust me, you’ll be very glad you did!