thanks for reading our legal disclaimer

thanks for reading our legal disclaimer

legal disclaimer

This site has been setup to help as many people to improve their lives as possible. All information and products provided in good faith with the best of intentions. It is a sad fact that we live in an unfair world where there are unscrupulous individuals. As a result we have to protect ourselves and limit our legal liability. The following legal disclaimer outlines what you agree to implicitly by using this site, any information it contains as well as any of the products available from it. If you do not agree with any part of this legal disclaimer, please feel free to leave the site and not use it. No hard feelings, we wish you all the best. Your continued use of this site, use of any information and purchase of any product shall be deemed as acceptance of the following legal disclaimer on your part. This legal disclaimer forms part of our general terms and conditions which are also available for your information.

definition of terms

Within this disclaimer we have some terms that we would like to fully define to reduce and confusion:

  • 'I, We or Our' = Stuart Mortimer and any other associate or contributor to the website
  • 'the site' = and all it's subdomains
  • 'you' or 'your' or 'the customer' or 'the reader' = Yourself of the person entering into this contract

legal disclaimer and limitation of liability

You agree that this site is provided on an 'as is' basis and that we are not obliged to provide any specific level of service or availability. You agree that we can update or delete the site and it's contents as we see fit and at any time we wish. We offer no warranty on any of the information or products that we supply wether this be express or implied by the law. It is your responsibility to decide which products are suitable for your own use and requirements. We will not be held responsible for selecting the best product for your needs and requirements in any situation. We will do our utmost to make make sure that our products are accurate and up to date and will attempt to correct errors or innacuracies where they are reported by you or other customers. In all instances, you acknowledge that we will not be held responsponsible for any errors, innaccuracies or corrections or for any claims arising from them.

Under absolutely no circumstances will we be held liable for and damages or losses resulting from your use of this site, our products or our information. This includes financial loss, personal injury, illness or any other kind of loss or damage wether these are forseen or not forseen. By using this site or any of it's products you accept full responsibility for any future consequences, losses or damages that may occur.

If any of the disclaimer above is determined to be illegal or is not able to be legally enforced in your state, province or other area of the world, then it shall be removed from this disclaimer. In such instances the remainder of the disclaimer will remain intact and will be used to protect our interests to the full extent of the laws that apply.

Having worked extremely hard to produce this website. We hope that you will find it very useful. Please be aware that to protect our interests we will defend ourselves to the full extent that the relevant law allows using all terms in this disclaimer as well as those in our general terms and conditions.