All About

All About

Who Are You Dealing With? was created in 2019 by Stuart Mortimer, entreprenuer software developer, author and self improvement expert based in Yorkshire, UK. It is the culmination of many years of life experience and the realisation of a lifelong dream: to create a resource that will allow users to adapt their thinking, achieve perfect health and your enjoy life to the full.

It is our intention and 100% belief, that the information on this site will allow many people to change their lives for the better.

our credentials

Stuart has perfect health, 3 children, a beautiful wife, 2 marriages, 1 divorce and 40+ years life experience. Also, a computer science degree from a leading UK university coupled with half a lifetime of reading, learning and self improvement. The contributors providing input to this site have 200+ years life experience and are admired by Stuart as experts in a wide range of subjects from hypnotherapy to buildbuilding, cycling to cooking!

Dramatically improve your health with the Real 1000 Diet

After a rollercoaster 2 year body transformation, going from overweight to having perfect health and a lean and strong body, Stuart decided to author his own diet and fitness book. The book, 'The Real 1000 Diet' allows you to lose up 20lb of mostly fat in 40 days. By teaching you how your body really works, It will put you on the fastest, safest route to losing weight, getting stronger and feeling great.

take control with self guided hypnotherapy

We work with leading UK Hypnotherapist Jim Murgatroyd and offer a range of self guided hypnotherapy recordings that help the listener to improve many areas of life.